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keithoxford -> POP3 connector & routing of send mail (2.Mar.2011 6:40:48 AM)

Hi All,

New to the forum so please forgive me. I have 2 questions:

1) Which is the better POP3/IMAP connector to use to retrieve our mail from our ISP?
2) Here is the more confusing question. Using SBS 2011, need to start using Exchange as part of SBS 2011. We have hosted POP3 domain for mail. We switch off our servers at night, due to lightening. I know I can retrieve the POP3 mail with a connector but both the Echange domain and our hosted domain is the same "name.com". All mail needs to remain on the POP3 domain so external staff can access off site. BUT, they also need to be defined on the Exchange domain.

So if i send mail to UserA, who is off site, with the same domain as me and I'm on the Exchange box, I need to route UserA mails to the POP3 address but UserA also needs to be defined on Exchange, so he can get mail when in the office. Can use OWA during the day but the server are switched off at night, so can't use it then.

Is there a solution?


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