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Hi i Selvanathan and i am new for this Site

I need guidance for MS Exchange Server 2003 i hope u will help me

My PC Setting
  • I am using Win 7 and i con fig the Exchange Server in VMware 7.0
  • Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 
  • Exchange Server 2003

I installed Exchange Server 2003 Successfully

After i installed i try to Add  my internet domain name to the recipient policies

I encounter problem some body please help me

The Error is i am trying to create a new police in Exchange Server Manager there i right click from Default Policy and properties

Go to second tab E-mail Address Policy

The i Click New and select SMTP Address

And i mention my Domain in address i facing a error [ my FQDN is]

The Error is

An exchange Server could not be found in the domain
Check if the Microsoft System Attendant service is running on the Exchange Server

ID no : c10308a2
Exchange System Manager

i need Help

And i need Complete guide about Exchange Sever 2003

Check this site for Error Pic

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