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pjdouglas35 -> Email synching with iPhones (20.Mar.2011 7:40:45 PM)


Been asked to look at replacing our Blackberrys with iPhones.

Would appreciate some advice on how I can achieve this.

Thought I might be able to use Mobile Direct Push but apparently this will only work with windows mobile running on the smart phones.

Our setup consist of a Check Point firewall with MIMEweeper in the DMZ and Exchange 2003 sat on our LAN.

Thanks in advance


jasonawinters -> RE: Email synching with iPhones (25.Mar.2011 11:38:13 PM)

It's actually quite easy to setup Exchange 2003 sync with iPhone... if you have OWA already working, then you are 99% of the way there.  From the iphone, go to mail and setup a Microsoft Exchange connection. put in the OWA address as the server address, and fill out the rest of the information such as domain, login, email address, etc. You will need to make sure you have a valid SSL cert on your OWA server (not a self signed cert). Works on iPads as well.

dave_reap -> RE: Email synching with iPhones (31.Mar.2011 8:54:57 AM)


I am actually trying to connect an iphone to exchange also. However I have a self signed certificate which i want to use.

I have owa already all installed and rpc http all working on client machines. The problem is the certificate...

Ive been told that I can use the "iphone configuration utility" to create a setup file containing the ssl cert from the server. Upload the setup file to the iphone and this will work.

Has anyone done this before, or am i wasting my time?


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