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bobb@commsysinc.com -> Where to Install Exchange 2003 in my Forest (27.Mar.2011 4:17:22 PM)

Don't laugh; I am still using Exchange 5.5. I have a fairly simple Windows 2003 AD Domain Forest (running mixed mode) with three Child Domains. Two of the child domains have Exchange 5.5 Servers for their respective domains. My plan is to install one Exchange 2003 Server (New) and migrate all of the 5.5 Mailboxes to this one Exchange 2003 Server. In all of my research I could not find any documentation on which domain to install the new Exchange 2003 Server (top level or child level domain). There are no Servers in the top forest level domain except the domain controllers and none of the child domain administrators have access to the top level domain. Maybe this does not matter. I was hoping someone could guide me on the proper location.

Gulab -> RE: Where to Install Exchange 2003 in my Forest (28.Mar.2011 1:57:54 AM)

First of all, Welcome to Year 2011 :)
You can run the forestprep from any of the domain and you can install it anywhere as per your requirement, you just need to keep in mind that you have the permissions and Schema Master role is on the site where you are running the Forestprep

I would advice you to move on to 2010 ASAP after this migration...i am sure you wouldn't want to left behind..


bobb@commsysinc.com -> RE: Where to Install Exchange 2003 in my Forest (28.Mar.2011 11:55:41 AM)

Thanks, yes I plan on upgrading to 2010 Exchange in the near distant future. The 2003 is to get me off of 5.5 and allow me to move mailboxes into 2003/AD. I have decided to install the Exchange Server on one of my child domains that has Exchange 5.5 with the most users. This was suggested by someone on Experts Exchange.

You mentioned that I should run the forestprep on my domain that has permissions and Schema Master role requirements. Only the root domain has Schema Master role security. Since I have decided to install the Exchange on my child domain, when I try and add the local domain Administrator Account from the child domain to the Schema Master security group in the root domain I am unable to. In doing some reading I saw that in order to add child domain administrators to the Schema Master security group, that I need to change the domain from mixed mode to native mode. Becuase of my 5.5 servers I was not sure if this would be a good idea. Any ideas out there on how I should proceed?

johnmerchant -> RE: Where to Install Exchange 2003 in my Forest (19.Sep.2011 6:24:03 AM)

To install the first Exchange 2003 server in the forest, you must use an account that has Exchange Full Administrator permissions at the organization level and is a local administrator on the computer. Specifically, you can use the account you designated while running Forest Prep or an account from the group that you designated.Thanks.
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