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robert21k -> Move Public Folder (30.Mar.2011 4:06:57 AM)


I am wanting to move our Public Folder store (45GB) from one LUN to another, whats the correct way to do this?  I was thinking of dismounting the store, moving the DB and Log then remount using the new path.

Is this the best way or should I do it another way?

Thanks in advance.

sai_prasad -> RE: Move Public Folder (31.Mar.2011 6:13:24 AM)

Below applies to both public and mailbox database.

But when you gracefully dismount, just make sure the database went to a clean shutdown. Also be cautious, on PF replication, if you have set this to mulitple servers, remove replication, so as to avoid unneccessary replication events logging in the server.

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