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mework -> compliance mail store (3.Apr.2011 7:29:25 AM)

I need to create a mail store which contains all inbound and outbound mail related to groups of employees on a separate mail store, so that 1) the compliance officer can browse through the mail and 2) the primary exchange server doesn't get loaded with a double sized mail store or having to service mailboxes that large when the compliance officer goes through them.

To do this, I would want to set up an additional Exchange server, since that is the only way I know of to handle message stores that size (using a PST would quickly break the size limit there), but I don't want failover or mail deleted there to cause changes to be reflected back to the main Exchange server.

What is the best way to accomplish this ? If Exchange 2007 makes this easier, I can go that route, but I can't go to 2010 right now.

All replies appreciated.

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