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dave_reap -> iphone - exchange 2003 and self signed certificate (4.Apr.2011 7:37:25 AM)

Hi All,

Can anyone please confirm or deny that I MUST use a purchased SSL certificate as opposed to self signed certificate when connecting an iphone to exchange 2003?

I cant seem to find a definitive answer on this.

I am trying to connect an iphone to exchange at the minute but am having difficulty.

Using the iphone config utility i have added my exchange acc details and also added the self signed certificate from the server in. (I can tell the certificate is going accross as whe the profile is installing i can press "more info" and see the certificate in there.)

https://www.testexchangeconnectivity.com using this website if i test the active sync it fails on a cert error. however if i turn off "Ignore Trust for SSL" it passes 100%.

on the iphone I am getting a "unable to verify certificate" error

the certificate from "address"
for account "address" could not be verified

this is then followed by "username or password are incorrect"

feel like im ice skating uphill with tihs as nearly all guides just seem to say "oh yes this is very easy just do x,y,z"

anyone have any ideas?


dave_reap -> RE: iphone - exchange 2003 and self signed certificate (4.Apr.2011 7:41:22 AM)

If i remove the "use SSL" tickbox the unable to verify cert error goes away but the username / password error remains

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