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vishalvijayan22 -> Calendar in OWA and Outlook (7.Apr.2011 8:00:09 AM)

I have a email (exchange2010) account with a Exchange Hosting service
Everything works fine, but for one thing. When I create a task in my OWA calendar I cant see it in my Outlook Calendar. My Outlook account is a POP3.

Can anynone advsie me why it does not sync.


de.blackman -> RE: Calendar in OWA and Outlook (7.Apr.2011 8:28:58 AM)

Contact your hosting provider and ask them if they have configured calendaring for POP3 accounts. Get the details from them on how to configure it. Since you are a client there is really not much you can do as this is a configuration that must be made on the server. If they tell you that all has been configured then they should be able to assist you in setting up Outlook properly.

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