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pjhutch -> Play on PHone stopped working (8.Apr.2011 10:07:52 AM)

All our certificates on Exchange and OCS 2007 had expired recently.
Even though I have managed to update most of the certifcates and the root certificate on our Windows CA server, Exchange UM is playing up.

All the CA servers have SSL certificates based on the server's FQDN (we have a seperate cert for OWA, IMAP, POP3, SMTP). But in Outlook 2007, the 'Play on Phone' does not work for some people and gives out an error.

Any ideas where to look or get some info on where it is failing between the client, Exch CAS, OCS and the IP Gateway servers/boxes?

pjhutch -> RE: Play on PHone stopped working (18.Oct.2011 4:12:57 AM)

This has been resolved by applying latest Windows patches to the Exchange 2007 UM server.

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