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billthornton -> Certificate Problems (12.Apr.2011 5:54:30 AM)

I have a problem with certificates in OWA. Any help would be much appreciated.

On the exchange server, IE opens up the owa windows with the secure certificate sign no problem.

whenever i try to connect any client pc to owa i get "this certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted authority"

i have tried installing the certificate on all the clients root certificate authority store.

but it never removes the red certificate error, and also it does not appear in the trusted root certification authorities tab in IE

My test setup is as follows:
Windows Server 2008 R2
Exchange Server 2010

The server sits behind an ADSL router which forwards ports 25, 80 and 443 to the server.

I am using a dynamic dns service. for example myserver.dyndns.org (i have substituted the real name for myserver in this post)

my local server domain is trg.local
my internal server name is EX2010

i have created my own CA on the server, which i have used to create my own certificate.

The certificate has the following details
Issued to : myserver.dyndns.org
Issues by : myserver.dyndns.org
CN : myserver.dyndns.org
DC : trg
DC : local

subject alternative name :
DNS Name=ex2010.trg.local
DNS Name=myserver.dyndns.org
DNS Name=autodiscover.myserver.dyndns.org

I have tried uninstalling the CA on the server and reinstalling, i have tried making several new certificates, but each time it works on the server but not on the client pc's

Anyone have any ideas?



billthornton -> RE: Certificate Problems (12.Apr.2011 12:40:39 PM)

Fixed it....

Bought a proper certificate from godaddy.

works fine now..


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