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supportoinformatico -> Use SSL for SMTP connector (12.Apr.2011 8:13:08 AM)

sorry for my bad enghish.

My question is, how configure Exchange 2007 SMTP SSL connector ?

My ISP use SMTPS authenticated.

I have changed the port from 25 to 465 using Microsoft Exchange Shell.

Now is necessary change the authentication method.

Change this setting is simple ?

I must also use CERTIFICATE ?

Help me, please !

sumpf365 -> RE: Use SSL for SMTP connector (2.Aug.2011 2:14:12 AM)

so long as I know, self signed certificate is created when you install exchange server. so you can use this cert. to use SSL, cert is required. and you might need to check TLS on auth tab in connector so that communication between mail server is encrypted.

shanmarsh1 -> RE: Use SSL for SMTP connector (28.Oct.2011 8:15:09 AM)

Are you trying to use gmail for your domain email hosting? While it would ... enable SSL for the SMTP connector to delivery email to Google Mail.
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Hansy123 -> RE: Use SSL for SMTP connector (30.Jul.2012 2:06:01 AM)

paulwilson963 -> RE: Use SSL for SMTP connector (15.Jul.2015 1:57:59 AM)

Follow the steps guided by Technet blog for configuring Exchange SMTP SSL connector

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