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wrightyi28 -> Am I right with NLB? (12.Apr.2011 12:48:41 PM)

Hi Guys,

I am currently upgrading from Exchange 2003 to 2010 and am creating my CAS Array

We dont have Hardware Load Balancers so we are using NLB. With regards to NLB, my server has 4 NICs.

Heres my config:

CAS Array: (Multicast)

NIC01: (production)
NIC02: (vlan01)

NIC01: (production)
NIC02: (vlan01)

It is in my design doc to do it this way (im new to my company)

Is this the correct way to set things up? Im looking at NIC02 and thinking what the point of this is?? Is it for heartbeat traffic (which I doubt as I dont know how you would tell the NLB to segregate the heartbeat from the production traffic??)

If this is incorrect, what is the best pratice bearing in mind I can be fairly flexible with creating new vlans etc!

Hope someone can help :-)

John Weber -> RE: Am I right with NLB? (13.Apr.2011 12:54:48 AM)

you cannot have both nic2 having the same address. that will cause a conflict.

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