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kdoll -> PDF Attachments Missing or Corrupt in OWA (20.Apr.2011 9:52:44 AM)

I have a user who is now unable to recieve attachments. The attachment comes through our spam filter just fine but does not open in OWA (blank page). When I right click and select "save target as" I get an error that says "Internet Explorer cannot download attachment.ashx from <server.domain.net>. When viewing this message in Outlook there is a paper clip indicating an attachment but when you open the message there is not anything attached. When the message is forwarded the message does not even show the paper clip.

This happens to every message with this attachment from this specific sender. If this sender sends the document in another format (i.e. .docx) it works fine. If a 3rd party forwards the email with the attachment, the document comes through fine.

Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007. Spam filtering is Barracuda. OWA is through TMG server.

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