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fjoseph -> OWA & activesync issue? (26.Apr.2011 4:13:43 PM)

hi there. i am having this issue with my excahnge 2003 setup - i only noticed the issue when a user needed to configure her droid to the network - and it wouldn't connect. next i tried to connect to owa site from within the network and i wasnt able to access it. (site fails to load) i poured over all the settings and it seems that everything is the same. it worked at one point (i inherited it). any ideas as to how i can fix this/ it is an exchange 2003 server.

leederbyshire -> RE: OWA & activesync issue? (27.Apr.2011 8:13:31 AM)

The first step would be to read the iis log files to see if the requests are reaching the server.

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