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hakach -> Replications Error 3092 (10.May2011 2:55:31 PM)

I have a lot of errors under application log on my backend exchange server:

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: MSExchangeIS Public Store
Event Category: Replication Errors
Event ID: 3092
Date: 5/10/2011
Time: 9:34:03 AM
User: N/A
Error 1129 occurred while processing a replication event.

Folder: (a-FAA) NON_IPM_SUBTREE\StoreEvents{E3953C02-BD00-46C4-A261-2599C74EEA64}

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I have performed the following test to see if replication works. I have created a do a test by creating 2 mailboxex on the 2 backend servers. Login separately to post something on one of the test folder in public folder. I can see both posts from both mailboxes. That proves the replication works. I can't locate where I can enable the logging for Publich folder. The options are all greyed out. What else I can do to prove the replication works? Also, when I clicked on the each folders under public folder in ESM. Some of them said In Sync and some said Local Modified. If this error is not a concern, how can I get rid of it. Please advise. Thanks in Advance.


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