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ibirman -> Bad request after login and other issues (24.May2011 8:53:43 AM)

I have spent several days going back and forth with setting up OWA on a new SBS 2011 server, I have learned a lot, but can't seem to get the settings quite right. Currently, when I log on, I am redirected to /owa/logon which shows either a blank page or a Bad Request. If I edit the url and remove logon, everything works.

I had trouble getting all the exchange services to start up including Forms Based Authentication, but all of that is resolved.

There are a series of things I know how to do:

- Reset virtual directories through EMC
- Set authentication mode through EMC to Forms Based
- Sometimes have to manually edit web.config files from Forms to Windows
- Going into IIS and messing with authentication seems to always be a bad idea, except I had to turn off Anonymous authentication for Active Sync to get iPhones to work.
- I sometimes have to go into IIS and change forwarding settings
- In client access, I have the option of setting the external sites or blanking them out.
- Run IISRESET after making changes (IISRESET /NOFORCE) always fails.

So, from the jumble of stuff above, is there a set of directions that I can find that will get OWA with Forms Based Authentication working every time?


ibirman -> RE: Bad request after login and other issues (24.May2011 7:56:26 PM)

I fixed my problem - in IIS, the /remote folder was redirected to /owa. I unchecked that and everything started working. Crazy..

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