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ibirman -> Redirecting to REMOTE instead of OWA?? (25.May2011 7:18:08 AM)

I have a new install of SBS 2011 and no matter what I do, when I go to the server website, I am redirected to /remote. I want to be redirected to /owa instead, but no matter what I do I can't get it to work. I set up the redirect in IIS for the default website to /owa. I can put a redirect to /owa from /remote, but that breaks all kinds of stuff. I can shut off the remote web workspace, but then I still get redirected there and get a 503. I have re-created all the virtual directories several times, everything else works, and I can go to /owa, the users are just used to typing just the URL and get upset when they don't see the owa logon.


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