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john_guerra -> Exchange 2010 SP1 & Android devices (26.May2011 11:09:01 AM)

A while back I was told by a consultant that there is an issue syncing Android devices to an Exchange 2010 server that has SP1 installed. Can anyone tell me if this is accurate? If so, has this issue been resolved?

I've read some forums online that leads me to believe it only affected Motorola devices, but I cannot find anything definitive.

I would like to update my server to SP1, but can't do it if it breaks Android syncing.


John Weber -> RE: Exchange 2010 SP1 & Android devices (26.May2011 11:56:04 AM)

This is an issue. And it is device specific. Install Touchdown to fix on the device. You may also be able to fix it by creating a new EAS policy and replacing the default.

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