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pocharle -> Contacts Synchronization (1.Jun.2011 7:02:58 PM)

I have a user in our organization that needs his Exchange contacts available on his phone. He also needs them to update as new contacts are added. But he is using an Android device and it does not seem to work like a typical mobile Activesync client.

Does anyone know of a good program or method for synchronizing contacts to an Android device?

Thanks in advance!

jiambor -> RE: Contacts Synchronization (3.Jun.2011 5:13:27 PM)

The default ActiveSync client on the old Android versions was not fully baked. Your user is going to need an app for that. I had a user here with the same problem and the calender. She got the app Touchdown and was happy.

pocharle -> RE: Contacts Synchronization (5.Jun.2011 9:18:45 AM)

Let me update the question here. I got more clarification. The user's Exchange contacts sync to his device as is.
He wants to have the Exchange Public Folder contacts ALSO sync to his phone. Is there an app or solution for this?

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