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jb7102 -> ActiveSync Proxying (3.Jun.2011 10:22:26 AM)

OK, Feel free to call me an idiot, but I am having some basic issues trying to proxy ActiveSync. I have OWA proxy proxying to my non-Internet-facing AD site, and I understand the concept well enough (I think).


When I go to EMC, I see where the Internal and External URL needs to be changed (Just like OWA), but documentation says I need to have Integrated Authentication turned on (again, just like OWA) at my non-Internet-facing CAS. Problem is, the ActiveSync Tab does not have that option. Only one check-box for Basic and a couple certificate options. Where do I turn on Integrated Windows Authentication for ActiveSync? IIS shows "Windows Authentication" for the virtual directory. Is that it?

I'm sure it's easy, I'm just an idiot.

Ytsejamer1 -> RE: ActiveSync Proxying (20.Jun.2011 11:03:36 PM)

you are very close, *edit* and actually were correct.  By no means are you an idiot.  CAS to CAS proxying took me a ton of time to get working and figure out the surrounding issues...and I'm not totally sure of each little setting, but I know i have it working and it is secure (knocks on wood).  I thought the CAS stuff was the hardest concept to digest and implement.

If running IIS7.x on your non-public CAS, go to IIS manager.  Non-Public CAS > Sites > Default Website > Microsoft Server-ActiveSync and go into the Authentication settings.  Enable Windows Authentication there.  I'm in the middle of some work, so I can't verify the 2003/IIS6 settings, but that should point you in the right direction.

The EMC actually does mention other SSL settings should be checked in the server's IIS.  Even though its not a specific SSL setting, that is where you want to look. You were correct.

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