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waheed71 -> MS Exchange Distributed Mailboxes & Management (6.Jun.2011 10:21:02 AM)

Dear All,

I am New to Exchange & wanted to discuss possibility of Exchange Deployment, is it possible in MS Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 that I can install Single DC and MS Exchange at my site & can move around 40-50 mailboxes from same forest ( to my local exchange server & in future I can Create or Delete Users from my own console rather than calling Central IT staff who is already managing all services. The purpose of this excercise is to reduce bandwidth utilization in peak hours as most of the communication happens among these 40-50 users and if someone is sending big attachment, in this way, Outlook have to download everytime.By doing so I assume that I will save in bandwidth and can help my users in better way.

Please be noted that we have ADC installed here and just planning to deploy exchange server only. -> RE: MS Exchange Distributed Mailboxes & Management (6.Jun.2011 10:29:37 AM)

Spending money on distributed Exchange servers for a tiny number of people is a conversation for you and your managers. If you have a box out there that you are using as a Hyper-V or ESX host then sure, stand up a little Exchange server and you're good to go. If you have to deploy dedicated hardware that's a big decision.

Personally I'd leave everything centralized and make sure Cached Mode is active for all clients. That won't help Internet browsing or file shares if you drive them through a central office but email clients won't be concerned.

waheed71 -> RE: MS Exchange Distributed Mailboxes & Management (6.Jun.2011 1:32:01 PM)

Dear Mark, Thanks for the reply and exactly I am planning to stand Exchange on Hyper V, but I dont know steps and which Exchange Role needs to be installed so looking for proper terminologies and help. -> RE: MS Exchange Distributed Mailboxes & Management (6.Jun.2011 1:35:15 PM)

If you are in a remote location you will need the Mailbox (MBX), the Hub Transport (HT) and the Client Access (CAS) roles. See: for the Windows pre-requisites you need before you install the Exchange servers.

waheed71 -> RE: MS Exchange Distributed Mailboxes & Management (6.Jun.2011 1:53:10 PM)

So its mean that you have to prepare for complete Exchange deployment on either Single Box or Multiple VMachines can be created each with appropriate Role.
How about User migration from existing Exchange to this New MBX Server and to retain ( does membership of existing Domain will be enough? -> RE: MS Exchange Distributed Mailboxes & Management (6.Jun.2011 2:08:09 PM)

You can do mailbox moves either within the forest or from a different forest into your new 2010 environment.

waheed71 -> RE: MS Exchange Distributed Mailboxes & Management (6.Jun.2011 2:17:48 PM)

Dear Mark, I am really very thankful to you for the prompt replies to my solution.So you mean it is possible to move user mailboxes from one domain to another if both have trust relationship. Further how about SMTP Server and Do I need to register any new domain or I can still utilize my existing SMTP Server for sending out world e-mails. What I understand from CAS at mine site would be helpful for local users to access e-mails using OWA on LAN or using Outlook and Hub Transport would be used to Process INbound and OUTbound e-mails.
By adopting your suggested solution will I be able to backup mailboxes at mine site and can I use Global Address Book of my Domain in both scenario like or (if Trust Relation Ship is developed)? -> RE: MS Exchange Distributed Mailboxes & Management (6.Jun.2011 2:24:13 PM)

I think at this point you need to do some reading. See: for information on cross forest mailbox moves. You don;t need to register any more domains.

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