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dabang -> External Message Routing (11.Jun.2011 6:21:22 AM)

hello all,

i have simple Exchange configuration as described below.
1: Domain Controller (Dedicated one server)
2: HUB and MBX Role (dedicated one server )
3: Client Access Server Role
4: ISA 2006 Firewall

I have configured my exchange web services (OWA, RPC over HTTP, ACtive Sync, POP/IMAP)through ISA server, the ISA server receives requests from clients (internal /external) and then makes a new connection to respective server.
I have tested it internally so far and it works well. Now i am planning to go outside organization (over internet). But the problem is which IP i have to give in A and MX entry for my smtp server (hub) in public DNS, so that i can send emails outside organization.
I have one public IP provided by ISP which is connected to one NIC of ISA server 2006. I am confused here, do i need another public IP for my smtp server (hub). This is the only point where i am stuck to go live.

any tutorial or document regarding this.


bpara -> RE: External Message Routing (17.Jun.2011 9:12:21 AM)

same ip (ISA) you can give for A and MX record.

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