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wmagalh -> Internal group X external message reply (12.Jun.2011 7:56:00 PM)

Hi All,

I have this situation. I have an distribution group ABC@mydomain.local with member1, member2, member3. These members have external e-mail addresses, so they can send external e-mails as well. The group ABC is used just to internal messages.
When I send a message to the group ABC and to another external recipient like, such as, all members of ABC and the DEF user receive the e-mail message. That's fine!!
What I want is when the replies it, all ABC members receive the message. But I do not want to configure ABC with external e-mail address like I know how to setup the external e-mail to a group. I want that the DEF@hotmail receives the message with my address and the external addresses from ABC members (group expansion) instead of having and ABC@mydomain.local in the [To:] field. Is there anyway to do it automatically without any extra action of the sender??


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