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zizobaddy -> HTTP Error 500 (13.Jun.2011 5:12:19 PM)

Dear All

After installing exchange 2010 everything worked fine all of a sudden after the login page it displays

HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfil the request.

I also noticed i cant receive or send emails on the exchange account in outlook

Kindly assist please

travis.sheldon -> RE: HTTP Error 500 (22.Jun.2011 3:22:40 PM)

Did you install a 3rd party SSL or are you using the self signed SSL created by the server?

zizobaddy -> RE: HTTP Error 500 (23.Jun.2011 7:17:39 AM)

Despite no help i wish to post this

the issue was from MSExchangeFBA service

all i did was to just start the service

Note that the service will be needed to start manually every time u restart the exchange server

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