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sholasys -> Advice needed on domain name (15.Jun.2011 4:32:42 AM)

Pls, advice. My internet domain name is and my current local domain DC is I deploy exchange server, create a reciepent policy but i could not get internet inbound emails. I suspect its a DNS issue on the side of my ISP. Now i will like to reconfigure my Active directory (domain) to be the same as my internet domain name to easy DNS configuration at the ISP DNS registry page as thus
ABCD.COM or ABCD.ORG. what is the advantage and disadvantage plssssssssss ?

NoahRyan -> RE: Advice needed on domain name (20.Jun.2011 4:04:43 AM)

Where can I buy Microsoft Entourage? Hi,

I need to buy a version of Microsoft Entourage, part of Microsoft Office 2008 for mac. I cannot use the Outlook version in Office 2010 for mac as I need to support exchange server 2003. I would prefer a download. Can you help?


sholasys -> RE: Advice needed on domain name (21.Jun.2011 8:26:40 AM)

why don't you create your own thread ? viewers, pls ignore the second post and kindly respond to the original topic as your advice is highly needed. thanks

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