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samash -> DAG failover issue (15.Jun.2011 11:34:23 AM)


I have a DAG with three members in two different AD Sites. The third member exists in our DR Site. We have also set up a file share witness using a hub server and  automatic failover has been suspeneded using the command Set-MailboxServer –Identity <ServerID> – DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy Blocked. We do not have DatacenterActivationMode set up. Our failover cluster manager shows the Quorum configuration set to Node and File Share majority. If the database is mounted on the first of the two servers in the primary site. If we lose the server in the DR site, everything is fine with the database as it stays mounted. But if the DB is mounted on the second server and we temproarily lose connectity to the DR server, We experience a failover of the database to the first server due to a lose of quorum. I dont see why that would happen as the witness server is available to both servers.


jveldh -> RE: DAG failover issue (19.Jul.2011 4:40:57 PM)


First of all I would recommend to turn on DAC mode. This will make it a lot easier to recover the DR in case of a full production site lose.

Please run get-databaseavailabilitygroup -status|fl and post the results here.


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