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xpac -> Trying to design a new Exchange 2010 environment (21.Jun.2011 8:21:26 AM)

I have been tasked with upgrading our Exchange environment from Exchange 2003 to 2010. From my research, we will be running Exchange 2010 Enterprise, and have four sites ( site offices) that will need Exchange servers - 3 of them are on the East coast and one is on the West coast - in addition we'll need two other servers in central offices one on the east coast and one on the West coast that will replicate to each. Basically I want the site offices on the East coast to be able to replicate with each other and the East coast central office server, and the West coast site office to replicate with the West coast central office. And lastly want the East and West coast central offices to replicate with each other - this is due to the lower bandwidth availability between site offices, as opposed to the much higher bandwidth availability between the central offices.

We have no need for an Edge Transport server role, so I expect each office's Exchange server will need to run mailbox server, client access, and hub transport role. Does this make sense and is it possible for to configure the East Coast site offices to replicate amongst each other and the East Coast central office, and then have the East coast central office server replicate with the West coast central office server? Any helpful links? I've been researching for about a week now, and I'm being inundated with material so I'm trying to sort through and find something that resembles what we're trying to do, or rather somebody that has implemented a similar architecture.

Basically we're a small company with four offices (NY, Washington DC, Alabama, and San Diego CA) that wants high availability of email, even if an office goes down for a couple of days (recently happened due to tornados in our Alabama office). We want all people in the company to still retain email service. I'm trying to figure out the smartest way to configure an Exhange 2010 environment to do this, I think I have it mostly figured out but I'm new to 2010 so I want to know if this makes sense so far and if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

zbnet -> RE: Trying to design a new Exchange 2010 environment (11.Jul.2011 4:02:31 AM)

Why do you want to put a local email server in each of your 6 locations?  Local servers increase the local workloads for very little benefit.

Why not have your Exchange servers only in your Central offices, and have clients remotely connect to them?  Clients in cached mode work pretty well against remote hosts.  This would significantly simplify your Excange environment, yet still provide HA (because the servers are placed in your two Central offices).

xpac -> RE: Trying to design a new Exchange 2010 environment (20.Sep.2011 2:34:44 PM)

Thanks, the more and more I think about it this answer makes a lot of sense and is the plan I'm going to go with.

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