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Taysson -> Transport Rule Fake !! (6.Jul.2011 9:14:01 AM)

Dear all,

I was create a new transport rule to drop message that has 16 number in it's body or Subject using this link : this rule worked well out side my organization as it dropped the message that meet condition in rule and bypass the message that not meet it, but internal when we try to send mail to another account that contained less than 16 number (in subject or body) the message also droped. (why the message dropped internally as the subject and body doesn't meet the condition?)

Best Regards, -> RE: Transport Rule Fake !! (6.Jul.2011 9:36:40 AM)

Why did you say "Fake !!" ? I don't understand that part? The rule works properly. Could you please post the whole rule so that we can see what you did?
like I say, the rule is fine and I've seen it in place a ton of times at customers (even picking them up because they didn't realize Amex was short one digit)

Post your inputs and we'll try to help.

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