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LDI -> SMTP connector configuration (13.Jul.2011 10:34:47 AM)

Hi everybody,

I've a problem to setup my SMTP connector.
My client have a local domain like "contoso.local" and he wants send & receive message at it's adress user@contoso.local.
First step: I've setup an pop connector and all message for are redirected at user@contoso.local and it's worked.

My problem is with the smtp. When I send a message outlook or OWA, it doesn't worked and I've this message:

Serveur de génération : SBS2008V.contoso.local #550 5.7.1 sender domain does not exist for user@contoso.local ##

I've the possibility to used the domain if it's more simple.

Thanks for all advices

(sorry for my bad english)

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