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sburrows -> decommissioning server problem (21.Jul.2011 5:25:44 PM)

I have been following the guide for this on this website

but I am stuck. Just under figure 23 it asks to

From the resulting context menu, choose New and then choose Public Folders Container

But this option is not displayed when I right click, all I get is

routing groups container and system policy container.

I have migrated to sbs 2011 and everything seems to be working fine on the new server but I am stuck at this last hurdle.


Gulab -> RE: decommissioning server problem (22.Jul.2011 2:30:20 AM)

Post the error message you are getting while removing the server.

sburrows -> RE: decommissioning server problem (22.Jul.2011 5:08:03 AM)

After letting it sit for the night it has decided to let me remove it. Thanks for your help

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