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turbomcp -> quick question about article (26.Jul.2011 2:55:23 PM)

Hi Henrik
i have small question regrading your series of articles on failover between two datacenters with exchange 2010.
"Planning, Deploying, and Testing an Exchange 2010 Site-Resilient Solution sized for a Medium Organization"
since we have active passive user distribution
why do we need the failover url?
cant we use just one url(to keep it simple) and change the ip of those url once we failover to the second datacenter?


travis.sheldon -> RE: quick question about article (27.Jul.2011 11:36:59 AM)

It really depends on how you structured the DR plan, but yes, you can do one FQDN and change the IP address. Keep in mind that the TTL time will make a difference in how quickly your change takes affect.

Having the extra URL just allows users to switch to the fail over FQDN if they cannot get to the main without additional work being done.

turbomcp -> RE: quick question about article (6.Aug.2011 3:56:28 PM)

sorry for the delay
i understand what your saying
but since im running active passive datacenter
it wouldnt really make any diffrence since i need to do manual stuff anyway to failover or failback.

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