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wbljb14 -> Tracking Incoming Mail (27.Jul.2011 5:04:51 AM)

Hi All,

Wonder if anyone can suggest an answer to my problem?

Basically i have 3 external email addresses and my MD has asked me if i can track the incoming emails from these addresses from the last few months. Is there a way I can see for example how many times an email was received and details from exchange?

Policy Patrol only logs entries for 4 days then over writes them.

Any help greatly appreciated.


uemurad -> RE: Tracking Incoming Mail (21.Sep.2011 11:54:03 PM)

What are you hoping to discover?

Are you looking for how many times an individual message was delivered, or how many times mail came from that address?

wbljb14 -> RE: Tracking Incoming Mail (22.Sep.2011 3:51:03 AM)

How many times a mail was received from that address


uemurad -> RE: Tracking Incoming Mail (22.Sep.2011 9:03:53 PM)

You can do it for as far back as you have SMTP logs.  That isn't turned on by default though.  If they haven't been on, then the answer is no.

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