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Message -> Exchange 2010 UM SIP Problem (27.Jul.2011 8:39:56 PM)

OK, can't find anything on this issue anywhere so I'm sending out there hoping the other Exchange techies of the world can help.

I have an Exchange 2010 environment that I am in the process of integrating with 3CX, done this many times before without any problems, but this particular required me to change the default SIP port on 3CX from 5060 to 5160.

It appears that Exchange is malforming the SIP conversation when attemtping to transfer a call from an Exchange Auto Attendant. I've updated the UM IP Gatweway so that it communicates to 3CX over 5160, but in the conversation to 3CX when transferring a call, Exchange specifies that it's transferring a call to extension@ip:5160,RefTo=extension@ip something like 116@,RefTo=(116@

The sip referral does not contain the correct port, meaning that 3CX assumes it should transfer the call over 5060 and the call fails.

All other features work, I can call into Outlook Voice Access, can dial into the Auto Attendants, it's just when Exchange trasfers a call from an Auto Attendant back to 3CX that the correct port is missing.

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