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woltonk -> Exchange DAG Config for 40 users (28.Jul.2011 2:03:56 PM)


I have a customer with Exchange 2010 standard and Windows 2008 Enterprise. I have setup a small DAG with essentially 2 exchange servers with CAS, HUB and DB's on, they replicate over a WAN to a failover site, no clients connect to this site, it is just for DR. They have approved a budget to improve this following a db corruption/restore, however i have not got a lot to play with as it is only 40 users.

I was thinking about adding two more servers at the primary site, one more DB server and a CAS/Hub Transport server, then splitting 3 databases across the two db servers using DAG and active/passive modes on alternate db's. I have a visio but no way of uploading it to here.

Could you please a) advise me if this will work and b) tell me if i need a hardware load balancer as all the MS articles mention it!

Thanks in advance...


woltonk -> RE: Exchange DAG Config for 40 users (28.Jul.2011 2:10:18 PM)

Sorry, like an idiot posted i the wrong forum. Could an admin please delete this as i have posted it in the correct place now...

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