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ermanishchawla -> Reverse DNS Check on on EHLO & HELO event in transport Pipeline (31.Jul.2011 5:47:52 PM)

This is an ouput of transport pipeline
Event                                              TransportAgents
-----                                              ---------------
OnConnectEvent                                     {Connection Filtering Agent, Protocol Analysis ...
OnHeloCommand                                      {}
OnEhloCommand                                      {}
OnAuthCommand                                      {}
OnEndOfAuthentication                              {}
OnMailCommand                                      {Connection Filtering Agent, Sender Filter Agent}
OnRcptCommand                                      {FSE Batv Receive Agent, FSE Connection Filteri...
OnDataCommand                                      {}
OnEndOfHeaders                                     {FSE Connection Filtering Agent, Connection Fil...
OnEndOfData                                        {FSE Batv Receive Agent, Edge Rule Agent, FSE C...
OnHelpCommand                                      {}
OnNoopCommand                                      {}
OnReject                                           {Protocol Analysis Agent}
OnRsetCommand                                      {Protocol Analysis Agent}
OnDisconnectEvent                                  {Protocol Analysis Agent}
OnSubmittedMessage                                 {Address Rewriting Outbound Agent, FSE Routing ...
OnResolvedMessage                                  {}
OnRoutedMessage                                    {Address Rewriting Outbound Agent, FSE Batv Rou...
OnCategorizedMessage                               {}

I want that whenever a sender perform HELO or EHLO on our mailserver is IP is validated against the EHLO/HELO domain. Kindly help how to do this?

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