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Farhad3614 -> Help to resolve this issue (ESE 467) (3.Aug.2011 12:56:40 AM)

Hello dear friends,

Please help me to resolve below issue !

I using MSExchange 2007 v8

Source: ESE
Event DI: 467
Task Category: Database Corruption

MSExchangeIS (4648) First Storage Group: Database C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database.edb: Index ?B6708?T668f+B67aa-T3008+Q3f88 of table 4-362E is corrupted (0).

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Thank you,

mihirnayak -> RE: Help to resolve this issue (ESE 467) (3.Aug.2011 3:02:09 AM)

Hi ,
467 is very imp alert to DB and we can't ignore it.
However, if there are corruption errors either at the page or database level that are in addition to index page corruption, it may not be sufficient to use eseutil /d. There may be some cases in which, as a last resort, you will need to repair the database using eseutil /p, then Isinteg -fix. In this case, after running eseutil /p and Isinteg -fix, you will need to use ExMerge to rebuild the database before putting the database back into production. Once you have done that, immediately perform an online Exchange-aware backup of the database

de.blackman -> RE: Help to resolve this issue (ESE 467) (3.Aug.2011 9:43:01 AM)

Personally I would not run ESEUTIL /P unless my backups are also corrupted! The steps i would take would be  as mihirnayak mentioned - run an offline defragmentation of the database (eseutil /d) and see if that resolves the issue. If not then run an integrity check (isinteg) and see if logical corruption was the issue. If the database is still showing as corrupted, then restore the backup from the latest tape and if you have all your log files, there will be no data loss!

Do you have a file level antivirus on the server?? If so, have you clearly excluded all exchange folders from being scanned?

Ellinor -> RE: Help to resolve this issue (ESE 467) (3.Jan.2012 10:19:03 AM)

Exchange Event 467 typically indicates secondary index inconsistency with the associated table. The database page is corrupted and is causing JET engine to hang. In order to solve the problem, you need to first locate the corrupted database, which is specified in the Description section of event occurred. If you cannot view this information, you should first install the supported hotfix to include it. After the affected database is traced, follow these steps:

  1. Start Exchange System Manager and dismount the database causing the issue.
  2. Run eseutil /g command to confirm for database inconsistency
  3. Run eseutil /d command to defragment and fix the corruption
  4. Mount the database store

If the problem still persists, delete the corrupt database and use your recent valid backup copy of database to restore it. In case of any issues with backup, you are suggested to use an advanced third-party Exchange Server Recovery solutions like:

This software is one of the most widely used and globally trusted application built to run high-end scanning algorithms for repairing the corrupted Exchange database. The product, supports all versions of MS Exchange server, also gives the option to rebuild the damaged .edb file i.e after repairing it you can directly mount on the Server. It also gives the option for saving the repaired data into .pst file format, usable with MS Outlook.

TonyMedina -> RE: Help to resolve this issue (ESE 467) (20.Feb.2014 4:48:22 AM)

There are many inbuilt applications available on Exchange sever for recovery of corrupted mail box but this process is bit difficult for a lay man as it requires technical expert. Because all the process depends on command lines. To overcome such issue we have developed a software for repairing, recovering and conversion of your exchange server database. This software interface is user friendly thus you can operate it easily without any technical support.

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