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Temmu -> Half of Users Cannot Get Mail on Phone (9.Aug.2011 5:15:51 PM)


This is an account problem.
On any given phone, type does not matter, about half my users cannot connect to my server to get their mail.

On a certain phone, for example, i have 4 accounts, 2 work and 2 don't. Different types of phones do not matter.

Logging on to Exchange using Internet Explorer from a pc,
2 sample good accounts show either and "edit" icon or phone sync activity,
while 2 sample bad accounts show nothing but the "how to configure the phone" link (to an outside website.)

The server is a clean install, and all the users were added from AD at one time.

Good and bad users both have "active sync" "enabled" in their mailbox properties, "Mailbox features" tab.

There is only 1 active sync policy, "default".



Temmu -> RE: Half of Users Cannot Get Mail on Phone (10.Aug.2011 12:22:07 PM)

(As seen in other posts here)
So far, the answer has been to go to AD Users and Computers, view, advanced. Then r click the user, properties, security, advanced, and select "include inheritable permissions..."

== BUT ==

Still have 1 user whose account does not work.


(Will post more if I find more.)

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