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karloz -> Outlook Anywhere (21.Aug.2011 7:26:01 PM)

Hi all,

First off, I'm new to Outlook Anywhere and could do with some pointers on the client access side.

Here is the scenario...

I have been into a small company who have a 3rd party hosting the email for their external domain. Until this week they worked in a workgroup environment. I have now installed a domain controller and configured their domain and internal DNS.

The issue is that when the users are logged on to their old local profiles, their Outlook Anywhere access works flawlessly. When I log on using one of the new domain profiles and attempt to configure their mail, I get the following error:

The action cannot be completed. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.

Now, I know I have configured the mail side correctly as I have connected from home to one of their hosted accounts using Outlook Anywhere. So there is obviously something I've missed on the new internal domain side.

The only thing I can think of is a DNS issue. Do I need to add anything to the internal DNS on the new domain in order for the clients to be able to connect to Exchange?

The proxy address is an autodiscover.hostingdomain.co.uk

Your help would be much appreciated!

Thanks all.


travis.sheldon -> RE: Outlook Anywhere (22.Aug.2011 10:28:22 AM)

Do you have the internal DNS server set as the primary DNS on all the machines?

What is the result of the following command in Exchange Shell

Get-OutlookAnywhere | fl

karloz -> RE: Outlook Anywhere (22.Aug.2011 4:53:56 PM)

Hi Travis,

Yes the internal DNS server is the primary DNS server on all of the client machines.

Unfortunately I can't run that command from the Exchange shell, as Exchange is hosted externally by a 3rd party.

travis.sheldon -> RE: Outlook Anywhere (22.Aug.2011 5:03:43 PM)

Are the user's local active directory username the same as their 3rd party Exchange mailbox username? IE, if their login name is betty.sue on both active directory domains and the credentials don't match up, then when outlook automatically passes off the local credentials it should fail and show the symptoms you're seeing.

You'll also see the symptoms if you setup a mailbox for user A on machine 1 and then tell machine 1 to remember the password..unless you login as user B in local active directory, then Outlook is going to use the previously cached credentials of user A any time it does any authentication to the remote exchange server.

karloz -> RE: Outlook Anywhere (22.Aug.2011 5:17:23 PM)

No the usernames are different, in most cases anyway.

It could be something to do with your second point. If I select always prompt for credentials, will this work around the problem?

travis.sheldon -> RE: Outlook Anywhere (23.Aug.2011 9:30:02 AM)

Yes..you can also clear out the cached credentials by going to the Credential Manager in Windows.

karloz -> RE: Outlook Anywhere (23.Aug.2011 9:32:26 AM)

Nice one - I'll give that a go this evening when I'm onsite there.

Will update this thread with the results.

karloz -> RE: Outlook Anywhere (24.Aug.2011 4:11:52 AM)


Thank you very much for your help.

It appears to be the cached credentials that was causing the issue. I had a look at two of the machines that I could not get to work last night and once I got it to prompt for credentials, it worked fine.

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