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doktorg -> SBS 2008 - Incoming external emails stops working intermittently (25.Aug.2011 5:28:56 AM)

I have Exchange 2007 on Windows SBS2008. Internal and external email send and receive fine but nearly once a week the incoming external emails just stop working. I fix it by re-running the Setup internet address wizard in the SBS 2008 console which presumably restarts the exchanges services and they start working again. Restarting the server sometimes fixes the problem but other times I still need to run the setup internet address wizard for the emails to start coming in.

The MX record is correct.
The server is up to date with all updates including Exchange updates.
The event logs don't show anything around the times the service just stops although a lot of the times I'm not sure exactly when it happens because it does seem to happen most time early mornings. There is a back up that runs at 11pm each night but I've tested after the back up finish and emails still work so I don't think it's that.

Have searched and searched for an answer but can't find anything. Any ideas anyone?

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