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Hany2010 -> Outlook can connect to Exchange without trusting Certificate !! (25.Aug.2011 5:30:33 AM)

Hello everyone,
That's my first Post in msxechange.
I've misunderstanding here about Outlook secured Connection with Exchange 2010 sp1.
We have some workgroup clients Windows XP and Windows 7 with mixged Outlook versions 2007 and 2010.

The point is: These work-group clients don't have the Exchange Certificate in there trusted CA store, Why they can connect to Exchange by MAPI connection?!!

Outlook should check the certificate that will secure the connection. If it's not trusted, Outlook should drop the connection with "cannot find ..." message.

User just have a little mismatch warning with MBX server certificate. when they click yes and give credentials, they connect and get mails. My manager consider this a security breach.

Sorry, I'm pretty sure that They shouldn't connect. Alot of research came to nothing about this. All internet published issues doesn't match mine.
Could you HELP.

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