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myazuid -> Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 6:59:23 AM)


We had a raid controller go nuts on us a couple of days ago. The main database has been wiped.. or has become corrupted. The only way we can now restore is to use an old copy we have of the .edb file (a few days prior to the incident). If we simply swap the corrupted file out for the old copy, will Exchange pick it up ? Or do we need to take any further steps ?

Many thanks in advance.

travis.sheldon -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 8:30:06 AM)

It'll depend on the health of your copy.

Are your current log files corrupted? If not, you have the following option available to you:

1. Restore edb file to 'original' location
2. Open cmd and cd to the edb directory
3. Run: eseutil /mh 'database name.edb'

If eseutil reports that the database is in a clean state (Not dirty) then you can use the current log files to update the database to the state it was in before corruption (as far as the logs go)

If you dont care about the mail from the backup until the corruption, then you can tell Exchange to allow file restore on the database, move the current log files, and then mount the database.

Let me know which route you'd like to go.

myazuid -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 8:49:08 AM)


Thanks for the fast response. We don't really care about the email between... think the log files are corrupt anyway.

So we'll be going for the second option. Would you be able to elaborate on telling Exchange to allow file restore on the database ?

Many thanks

myazuid -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 9:30:10 AM)

Just found this, database portability :

Is that what you mean ?

travis.sheldon -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 9:39:47 AM)


ORIGINAL: myazuid

Just found this, database portability :

Is that what you mean ?

It's actually easier in this case because he's just reverting to a backup.

Restore the EDB file and move all the files in your DB log folder to another server (for backup)

Run the eseutil /mh that I described above..if it reports clean shutdown then proceed with the following:

Run the following command in Exchange Shell

Set-MailboxDatabase "Database Name" -AllowFileRestore:$true

Then mount the database.

myazuid -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 9:49:42 AM)

great ok. We are currently running an eseutil on the public folder database. Will let you know how we get on.

Thanks a lot for the help.

myazuid -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 10:41:23 AM)


When we try and mount the public folder database, after the eseutil we are getting this error:

mapiexceptionjeterror tableduplicate: unable to mount database

Any clues ? can't find anything on Google. We ran eseutil /p with the log files in the directory. Would it help to remove the log files and then run the eseutil again ?


travis.sheldon -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 11:23:58 AM)

Do eseutil /mh "publicfolderdb.edb" from the directory of the public folder database

If it shows clean shutdown then yes, move the contents in the log folder elsewhere. To be safe, I always set the -AllowFileRestore:$true after any repair

Get-PublicFolderDatabase | Set-PublicFolderDatabase -AllowFileRestore:$true

If it shows dirty shutdown and you've already run eseutil /p, then it's probably corrupted beyond repair.

myazuid -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 11:42:18 AM)


Yes it does say clean shutdown. We didn't change the allowfilerestore setting though. We are just running a second repair on it, so once complete we will try that setting.

Thanks again.

myazuid -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 12:02:07 PM)

No good unfortunately. Still the same error. The eseutil /p came back after the first scan and said integrity is fine.

Seems isinteg doesn't exist in exchange 2010 anymore, only the cmdlet for repairing public folders, which only works when the DB is online!

travis.sheldon -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (25.Aug.2011 1:47:56 PM)

Please paste the full error you're getting when you try to mount the db

myazuid -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (26.Aug.2011 4:46:10 AM)

Hi Travis,

Thanks for all your help. We have decided to revert back to an older backup where the database files are intact. It is unfortunate, but we ran out of time and options.

Do you know whether, if we reconnect Outlook to this old version of Exchange, the missing email from the server will be filled by peoples' Outlook OST files ? I am assuming it would be ?

travis.sheldon -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (26.Aug.2011 9:52:44 AM)

Unfortunately not..

Outlook will enter into dial tone mode and will prompt your users to either "Use old data" or "Use temp data" because the mailbox content in the OST does not match the server.

If users select use old data, Outlook will read their OST file, but will not download/save any new messages. If you select use temp data, Outlook will download the new profile.

You'll want to get all users to select "Use old data" and perform a PST export of their mail.

After their mail is exported, the safest thing to do is create a new profile in Outlook and import the mail. You can edit their current profile and delete the OST file, but once you unlink the OST, there is no reverting.

annabeleva042 -> RE: Replacing .edb file Exchange 2010 (26.Sep.2016 5:16:20 AM)

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