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reneschaetzl -> GAL in EMC has no entries (25.Aug.2011 8:43:43 AM)


when I check using EMC my Default Global Address list (and any other address list for that matter) has no entry.

When I do a Preview in my GAL properties, all the users do show up, but not in the GAL itself.

I checked the access rights to the GAL. They are ok. The MS best practices tools has no complaints about the setup.

I checked the RUS setting it's running on always. Did a manual rebuild, an update a rebuild again. Still a list full of emptyness.

Adding, changing removing users. No chance.

To add insult to injury OWA shows a GAL and it seems to be current and everything.

So where does OWA get the GAL from and how can I convince the rest of the exchange server to pick up that list?

I've upped exchange loggin but nothing useful came out of it.

Going down in the deep end: Where is the GAL normally supposed to be stored anyway?

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