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JmillerWV -> Email relaying to certain clients (13.Sep.2011 1:01:30 PM)

Running Exchange 2007 on Small Business Server 2008 with all SP's and rollups installed. I have a situation where we have a couple of clients that we are unable to send emails to. We can receive form them but send to them. One client has their own Email server, not sure what it is, not Exchange. Have run all kinds of diag's and have come up with: Can telnet into their primary server but cannot telnet into secondary Server. Ran traceroute and it stops after 13 jumps to an unknow server.
Habe had suggestion to setup relay/Smarthost to forward email to client. I have 2 questions concerning this when setup does all outbound email get sent through the relay? No. 2 Can the emails be seperated so that only the ones headed to these clients go through the relay and the rest go through the Exchange server?  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

JmillerWV -> RE: Email relaying to certain clients (11.Oct.2011 8:55:38 AM)

Here is what I have found.
question 1 & .) no only email designated to be sent through the relay will be sent through it. All other email goes as it did in the past
Its bad when you post a question on a forum and you wwind up answering it yourself.

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