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daveflubyu -> cannot receive mail with outlook (23.Sep.2011 6:02:34 PM)

I have to be missing something with my POP3 settings. I can send and receive email with OWA just fine, but if I go home and try to configure my email using my, I can SEND that way, and the mesages go to my inbox in OWA, but I cannot receive them in my Outlook.

basically, it appears that I cannot authenticate the pop3 server using outlook from a remote location.

however, I can send from outlook at my remote locatoin just fine.

this is a fresh install.. any ideas?


Helen777 -> RE: cannot receive mail with outlook (23.Mar.2012 1:48:03 AM)

you can check your POP3 settings using this article

Hansy123 -> RE: cannot receive mail with outlook (23.Jul.2012 7:37:38 AM)

Use the correct Mail Client settings:

Incoming mail server (POP3/IMAP server):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP server):
Username: the full e-mail address like
Password: If you are not sure what your email password is we strongly recommend that you reset it from your cPanel > Email Accounts.

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