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jjj0923 -> a little help in the co-exist install with 5.5 (11.Oct.2011 2:20:18 PM)

I am running the exchange server deployment tools to install exchange 2003 to co-exists with 5.5 (better late than never huh).

I ran forest prep just fine
I ran domain prep just fine
When I run orgprepcheck and review the log file I see an error that shows the following: :

- Error: Could not connect to the global catalog server 'dc-backup1.themill.testdrivers.com'. Tools that require a global catalog server will not run.

dc.backup1.themill.testdrivers.com is the default name that is displayed in the Global catalog server field of the 3 fields that display for my Exchange 5.5 server.

Even if I type the name of my 1st domain controller which is dc-backup3.themill.testdrivers.com and then run OrgPrepCheck the program still looks for dc-backup1 and give me the error.

How do I go about changing this in the exchange 5.5 server so that I do not get this error.

thanks in advance.

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