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jjj0923 -> adv wizard help 5.5 --> 2003 (12.Oct.2011 6:32:50 PM)

ok - I just spent a few hours creating accounts to resources and I'm on the 4th step of the wizard and I get this error message - any help would be appreciated...

Error: The organization o=company is already installed into this forest but the configured 5.5 server is a member of organization, Corp.. Please choose a 5.5 server in the correct Org.

de.blackman -> RE: adv wizard help 5.5 --> 2003 (13.Oct.2011 9:33:24 AM)

When you installed the Exchange 2003 server, what name did you provide for the organization?? From what it states, the Exchange 5.5 organization name is different than what you provided for Exchange 2003.

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