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sondora88 -> Change of router - please help! (18.Oct.2011 10:42:34 AM)

The router used for the internet went down and we can't view the original settings, so we swapped it for a new one.
Internet is fine on all computers connected, but now email isn't receiving or sending from the Exchange server to the computers. How do you tell if the email is going through the server at all?

The only thing we can think of that changed is the Exchange server was set up with a static IP and has now been changed to dynamic could this be the cause?

Many thanks for any help

Admin -> RE: Change of router - please help! (18.Oct.2011 11:45:16 AM)

Please consider giving more details to the forum. Unfortunately people here are not telepathic and can not guess your exact configuration.
At a glance you might need to check a number of items:
1. Verify that you still have the same public IP on your router that you used to have with the old one.
2. Setup proper port forwarding from your router to you exchange box. (very important) and make sure your exchange box has the same IP it used to have before.
3. Verify that IP ranges used for DHCP are compatible with your old setup.

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