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xpac -> Trying to uninstall Exchange 2010 (21.Oct.2011 10:51:48 AM)

I have an Exchange 2010 server that was created in an environment with running Exchange 2003 servers. We have not moved any mailboxes on to it, nor done anything but a plain install of Exchange 2010 - for now I'd like to uninstall Exchange 2010 as it appears we have some other issues we'd like to work out first however when I try to uninstall it says "Uninstall cannot continue. Database 'Mailbox Database 1375826892': This mailbox database contaings one or more mailboxes or arbitration mailboxes.

Well since I didn't move any mailboxes from our current Exchange servers, this arbitration mailbox must be the problem, 2 questions what is it, and how can I get rid of it so I can complete the uninstall? -> RE: Trying to uninstall Exchange 2010 (21.Oct.2011 11:00:51 AM)

If you Googled for remove arbitration mailbox Exchange 2010 you get a bunch of results. Some speak specifically to the removal of that mailbox and some speak to the wider aspect of removing the "first" Exchange 2010 server.

Personally I would not remove it. It ought not to be causing you any trouble and if you are having trouble it's not for the reasons you think.

When you decide to put the server back you're going to have to remember what you did. Far easier for your future job prospects if you just leave it there until you are truly ready to work with it.

de.blackman -> RE: Trying to uninstall Exchange 2010 (21.Oct.2011 11:02:07 AM)

Check this link out:

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