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nfwye -> Outlook sending issue (27.Oct.2011 12:06:04 AM)

Hi, I have clients using IMAP over SSL to connect to their mail server (Exc 2010 SP1), and SMTP is also sent back via an authenticated session over port 2525.

On some new laptops with the OEM install of Windows 7 and Office 2010 sending fails and prompts for the username and password. It is set to use the same credentials as incoming mail, and this works properly. There is no error returned.

Send and receive with the same method to the same server works properly for these users from other machines. Has anyone seen this or have any tips?


shanmarsh1 -> RE: Outlook sending issue (1.Nov.2011 7:42:46 AM)

If it were just a one-time problem, that would be fine (in a
stupid-acceptance-of-an-egregious-Outlook-bug kind of way). I would just go
through all my contacts, open and save. In fact, I've done this.
Unfortunately, adding the Pocket PC sync to the mix seems to unresolve them

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