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zooeyhall -> Accepted Exchange domains setting causing email bounce (14.Nov.2011 3:53:39 PM)

I have one user who uses a different SMTP address than the others in my Exchange 2007 SP2 domain, i.e.

We use the Exchange POP3 connector to download email from our ISP into the appropriate Exchange user's mailbox.

In order to get email to be delivered to this user with the "different" SMTP domain name from the other Exchange users, I had to add the special users' SMTP domain name ( the Organization Configuration-->Hub Transport-->Accepted Domains in Exchange system manager.

Here is the problem: there are other (non-Exchange) users out there with the same "" email address. When this Exchange user tries to send an email to someone else in "", Exchange tries to find the user in its user list and the email bounces back with the 550 error.

If I take "" out of the Accepted domains list, then the email is delivered to the external recipient. However then incoming emails for do not get delivered.

How can I set this up so that emails to non-Exchange users of "" get delivered, yet the Exchange user can still receive emails sent to his account via

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